The Champions League Thread


FFS Arsenal we have to get back in this competition and build a team to complete


VVD is paying them back with each passing game, absolute beast of a CB.


English players can still play in Europe, bro. :unai:


Think we have seen again why the top 4 system and size of CL needs revamping. Better having two quality competitions than this level of mediocrity.
Being an Arsenal fan of 7 straight failings at this stage think we all know what im talking about here.
Could have two strong competitive comps with a bit of foresight by UEFA and its sponsors.


Thing is, with the way Emery sets us up in the big games (i.e. flawlessly) we could do well in the CL next season.

No reason we can’t match Tottenham or United’s results.*

  • This is assuming no Mustafi


Ajax vs Tottenham

Manchester United vs Porto

The fucking nightmare scenario!! Two easy games for them and both in the semis :neutral_face:


Best transfer of this decade? Crazy to think about it considering how much it cost them, the guy is unbelievably good and elevated Liverpool so many levels.


Are we really at a place where £75m is a bargain? :confounded:


Shame about that :bellend:


Get this clown out of Bayern ffs


Lol! Ajax are gonna shit all over Tottenahm if they play like they did against Real Madrid.


Niko Ko-sack. :sunglasses:


I must admit, I did find it strange how he walked onto the pitch at full time and had a little giggle and chat with the ref and officials etc.

Nice guy perhaps, but not sure that’s the response I’d want to see if I was a Munich fan



Barca Juve final and one of them is going to win it.

Never mind that they both got smalldickers in charge, the GOATS will drag them to the top. Well them and the refs.


Still think it’ll be an English team, one of Liverpool/City perhaps


It’s City’s year lads, accept it


Doesnt mean either will win it but I think city and Liverpool are the 2 best teams in europe this season.
Think over 2 leg matches Id not bet against them against any team left in.


Klopp’s Liverpool proving they’re comfortably in the top 5 sides in Europe, seriously unlucky for them they’re competing with this City side for the EPL.

4 English sides in the last 8 for the first team since 08/09, wonder how that’s happened with still no winter break :thinking::thinking::thinking:?

Great to see Messi strut this stuff also as Barca comfortably move into the quarters.


If Liverpool dont win anything this season could he leave if stupid money was offered. Hes 27 and missed a bit of football and could be the catalyst for building a new Real or Barca team on.