The Champions League Thread


Image Klaim scoring the winning goal for Spurs in the final :gabriel:


Barcelona Juventus quarter final incoming. :grimacing:

Basically the two teams left that can stop Dele Alli or Jesse Lingard or bloody Liverpool fans


iamgine liverpool doing the CL and EPL double :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:

Or worse Liverpool EPL
Spuds CL

I think i would have to hang myself


Would rather drag my balls through broken glass tbh


Lets go shopping for some ropes together mate


GTFO with this pessimism.

You’re making me want to jump off the building I’m in.


If scum win the CL I will genuinely quit football. No joke, no Luca, no backsies, I will quit football for the rest of my life.


This is what people in here deserve for supporting Liverpool all season.


Martinez in particular looks finished at this level. Would get horribly exposed on a regular basis in our league.


Don’t say that on a night when the bastards Villa won :joy:


Me, too.



Lolpool aren’t winning the CL under Klopp the choker tbh, so it’s actually nice to see those shit heads Bayern get their just desserts, cuz fuck them.


I see your threat and I raise you with:

I’ll leave the forum if we lose to Wolves in the league


They’ve got a quite a good chance tbh.


Lelelelelelelelelel :joy::joy::joy::joy:


There is still the beacon of light and purity and goodness that is Ajax Amsterdam. :sunglasses:

But. Yeah they’ll lose in the next round to Tottenham or Liverpool. :grimacing:


I’d probably get a semi if it was Porto, Ajax, Juve and Barca in the last 4


My heart is warming with the fact that City is still in it though.


How much of a bargain is £75mil for VVD?

Absolute snip.