The Champions League Thread


Double assist for Messi. 5-1 Dembelè.


Another assist. Dembele looking fresh


Messi man…

Yesterdays result fired him up for real.




Always said English players are best. :unai:


Good player.


4 English teams to the last 8 of the CL.

Meanwhile we are dicking around against Rennes :xhaka:


Can you just wait for tomorrow’s game? :bellend: You sound annoying today.


And yet you are leaving the EU :thinking:


The Premier League is light years ahead of the Bundesliga, how much more of a stark reality check do we need than the last couple of weeks. :laughing:


When you come across Ronaldo or Messi prepare to be vanquished.


Spurs vs anyone of city/Barça/Juve pleaseeee


This is officially the worst champions league season ever with those 4 shitbag english teams all in the quarters.


Improbable but they could all get through to the semis :grimacing:


At least no West Midlands team.


PSG in particular are an utter embarrassment.


Barca Juve final NEEDED


Strongest Prem lineup for years. Credit to us for managing to stay in the mix for top 4.

Cracks me up when certain football people say Bundesliga is as good as the Prem. It’s probably 4th or 5th best league.


Definitely. I look at the starting XI of Bayern in their deciding game and (without Kimmich starting), how many in their best IX they field would get into our best XI?

Thiago and Alaba are the ones I can agree with.

Neuer is like-for-like with Leno imo, Lewa I could give you but I personally wouldn’t have him over Laca or Auba right now.

That says a lot about their current state imo.


Liverpool being in the final last year was hard enough for me. Cant imagine an all english final :gabriel: