The Champions League Thread


Liverpool as I expected to advance. Bayern are absolutely woeful. Shame we never faced this lacklustre Bayern.




He is the :goat:


Quality assist from Salah


4-1 bro :slightly_smiling_face:


Cautionary tale from Bayern, that’s what happens when you rest on your laurels and are happy to win a one team league.

Out in the wilderness in Europe.


Been easy for Liverpool tbf.


Fucking hell what an assist. Just torn Lyon apart in 5 mins.

Fucking beautiful to watch him play, just unbelievably good with the ball

Ffs just seen the Bayern score





Meanwhile we lose against Rennes :facepalm:


Bayern’s focus 100% on keeping 1st from Farcessia Dortmund.


Liverpool are such c’nts. Hope they get fckin Barca in the next round and get battered


If we lose the title against them Favre has to walk.


FFS! We play tomorrow and we can fix it. Relax.


The GOAT has come to play tonight.

Disgusting pass


Look at how Barca were looking crap before Messi came into action.


He bails Valverde out every damn time.


Messi and Ronaldo they’re just Gods amongst peasants for more than a decade now.



2 goals - 2 assists