The Champions League Thread


Bayern has absolutely nothing about them, the Bundesliga isn’t going to concede another title to this shambles of a team are they?


Dembele to the rescue.

Malcom gets done dirty, sad shit.


Lol gtf Bayerb


Ask @Persona Dortmund.


Barca have decided it its maybe better to kill the game off.


Valverde is not convincing at all.

How he continues to blag this job is beyond me.


Ndombele is a baller :fire:!


Valverde started small-dicking again.


Should have left Coutinho on and dropped him back.


Yeah, such a poor mentality from him.


I know he’s a shoe size 7 or some shit lol.




Liverpool actually gonna do this fuck sake why we gotta look SO shit in Europe :sob:


Enough said, look at that dribble. All Messi once again


Messi ffs what a goal lol


We still have to play :xhaka:


Honestly Messi and Ronaldo at their age are still both the GOATs.


They doubted him smh


Damn 1-3 liverpool


Bayern are just useless. Only Dortmund can lose the league against them.