The Champions League Thread


One bollock found


Pashun merchant Klopp fuming on the touchline :syringe::syringe:


Matip scores an own goal, and screams at the others, WTF lol


Looked? He kicked it in his own net hah


Liverpool are a mental team. Cunts!


Sorry @Calum, didn’t want to have a dig at you, but i can’t take people taking the piss at us.


I typed it before seeing the replay!


Barca with probably their best game of the season today.


Free kick in a good position


What a miss from lewa


Depay lol!


Yeah he looks good to be fair.

Barca still need to give him competition though :slightly_smiling_face:


Luca there was no dig just banter :wink:


Barca deservedly up at HT. It’s their best game of the season. Liverpool draw, instead.


Don’t know how its gone but I imagine Liverpool will be happier as they have the away goal


Just saw the Mane goal. Neur is an utter melt :arteta:


Wrong call for Barca’s penalty apparently, not that it would’ve changed anything


Bayern Monaco haven’t really created much aside from forcing an OG, Liverpool still look well in control of this to me


Messi off the line!


James is such a waste of space.