The Champions League Thread


Won’t happen.


Really want European games to remain midweek, even though it makes me harder to watch the full 90 live due to work.


So many people in Australia into the possibility of the CL moving to weekends. Take me back to the late 90s/ early 2000s when it wasn’t a hipster thing to love the EPL, before sugar daddy owners ruined the sport.

Really hope it doesn’t happen, next step after it will be CL finals in LA or New York and EPL clubs selling a home game to India.


Well tbf for better or worse it was the invention of the EPL and tv companies beaming the game to a global audience that leads to this.


Great news. Advantage Bayern, right? @Electrifying :wink:


Mbappe needs to do it all himself tonight ffs. Him and that guy they bought from Stoke :eyes:


Fucking expecting United to win tonight, everything just falling their way :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:.

Praying for Mbappe madness :heart_eyes:.


I’m not asking for much just a hattrick like Ronaldo got for RM in 2002?


If you’re asking for a repeat of one of the great individual CL performances, probably :smile:




I think all 4 English sides could get through :grimacing:

Man City will obviously sail through. Man United will be fairly comfortable too I think. Next come Liverpool but a narrower margin. Tottenham in the most trouble but I can see them winning too just about.


C’mon Mbappè! Roma should win as well, imo.


I see all english sides bar Man United going through fairly comfortably


Tottenham aren’t putting Dortmund out


They will comfortably tbh


That’s how I see it but hopefully Hakimi bags a brace lol


Reus is out, likely a huge issue for D sadly


I think Man Utd will get a solid result tonight, clean sheet too.


He’s on top form, better stay at Dortmund after his loan spell ends imo, no need to go back to Madrid.


Dortmund don’t convince me at all. They are prone to concede at the back.