The Champions League Thread


Dortmund knocking out Totnum. I like it.



Liverpool v Bayern Munich… we’ll send them our match tactics :laughing:


3 0 England v Germany here.


I’d go with City and Liverpool, but I’d fancy Dortmund to beat Spurs at the moment tbf.

These games are two months away though. Anything could happen in that time. VVD could break his leg. Bayern could find consistent form. Everyone is writing Man United off as well, which seems the obvious thing to do, but they could have a new (and competent) manager by then.


Atletico vs Juventus will be interesting to watch…



Some decent ties but there is always a complete fraud tie here, which frustrates me when the big game load is blown by like the quarter finals.

This year it’s Porto - Roma


Liverpool vs Bayern is some tie. Looking forward to Liverpool beating that arrogant prick Muller and his merry bunch of cunts.


PSG’s attack versus Man United’s defence :joy:


Germany vs England is it ? Man City and Barcelona should comfortably progress. Liverpool vs Bayern, Dortmund vs Spurs & Athletico vs Juve are tough ties to pick. PSG should twat United. Be interesting to see how that young Ajax side go against an ailing Real Madrid. Then it’s Porto vs Roma for the token who cares QF appearance.




Liverpool will beat bayern
City will edge it over 2 legs
Dortmund to beat scum over the 2 legs
Psg should steam roll manure. But knowing united they probably have some jammy luck that will see them progress over to 2 legs


Greatest free kick taker of all time, no question in my mind.


As a dutch man I think van Hooijdonk deserves this title :sweat_smile: . He practically won Feyenoord the UEFA Cup with his free-kicks in 01/02. If you have the time look it up on YouTube. I’m sure there are enough compilations of his free-kicks that UEFA cup campaign.


I’ve checked out a compilation of his free kicks generally, not as specific a one as you recommended, and it’s quite impressive.

Not as impressive as my guy Juninho though, soz :smile:


Juventus-Atletico is gonna be such a snozefest lol! Liverpool-Bayern fuck me, instead. Could be a thriller! Bayern seem to be on their way up after a difficult start.



Dirty fuckers ruining football. Get lost!


It’s part of their wider plan to create a Eruopean Super League. They’re just undermining national leagues whenever they get a chance to the point where a European league becomes inevitable.

Hope this doesn’t sound too brexit haha


But the Europa League is safe in its Thursday night slot, right?

Phew :sweat_smile:


We are back in the Champions League next season :hipster: