The Champions League Thread


One of Ajax’s best players. He’s ready for a much bigger club.


How about Mazraoui?


Juventus losing shocked me. United wasted a chance too :joy:


Imagine thinking you beat Real Madrid twice but still finish bottom of the group #CSKAMoscow


Think the format needs to change, big defeats for top teams which haven’t mattered, which is poor over 6 games


The format is fine IMO, the best teams make it to the last 16 who would have thought ? Like generally the best teams finish in the top 5 or 6 domestically. Remember when they used to have the 2nd group phase also and only knockouts from the last 8 ? Haha

Anyways onto the draw, looks like chances are it will be very difficult for the majority of Liverpool, Spurs and United. City on the other hand will likely be very comfortable provided they avoid Atlético.

As for the Europa League drop downs, it would seem we are still in the top 2 or 3 favourites in that competition given who’s finished 3rd. Napoli, Inter, Valencia and Benfica will be seeded for the round of 32 if I’m not mistaken so we can’t draw them.


Tbf this malcoordinated lanky fuck can barely work his legs out long enough to put one foot in front of the other to walk, so I can’t really blame him for momentarily losing control of them and accidentally Kung Fu kicking an opposition player.

But then I’m speaking as a neutral, Bayern fans may have something different to say, having observed this behaviour for years now. Oh, I forgot, he’s a good Bavarian local boy, so it’s fine… :xhaka:


That’s one of the worst…I don’t even know what to call it, it wasn’t a tackle…I have ever seen.


no fucking excuse… not anyone in this world can defend him


I love how he pleads to the ref like “come on mate”, as if it’s a nothing challenge :arteta:

Nearly decapitated the poor guy!


Still trying to figure out what the fuss about Hoffenheim is about. Bottom of an average group this season. Knocked out in the play off game last season. What gives here.


The manager took a traditionally mid table German club (who had recently been battling relegation) and turned them into a team capable of qualifying for the CL. And the manager (Nagelsmann) is highly rated and will be taking over RB Leipzig next season.


So proud of my Ajax.


All the spurs fans on twitter want juventus for “revenge” :joy::joy:


His anger towards ozil caused that :giroud:


All they’ll get is another smackdown.


Sorry but people were predicting a lot more than a hiding in last years qualifier and a no show in this group. 3 points seems paltry in that group too me.


Spurs were better than Juve over 2 legs, I thought.

That being said, I find it hilarious that Juve just had a 10 minute powerplay at Wembley and that was enough to send them through :joy:


The draw is happening today.

We’ll no doubt get Bayern Munich.


Man United v PSG

Spurs v Dortmund