The Champions League Thread


A Wenger Arsenal would be getting all sorts of shit if they scraped through the groups the way Pool and spuds just did. They progressed and that’s all that really matters but I can already see the headlines about how brave they were and how hard they battled when, really, they were just jammy fucks.


Here comes the love in…

What a bloody manager eh. Applauding the fans, if only more managers did that! And single handedly driving Spurs into the knockout round… that had absolutely nothing to do with the fact they were playing Barca under 7s or that Inter fucked up. Nope. It’s all down to the almighty Poch.




In fairness to Liverpool and Spurs they probably had the two most difficult groups in this years CL and both of them progressed even if it was by a bees dick.

Napoli and Inter are interesting additions to the Europa League, Brugge and Galatasaray not so much.


a draw that feels like a win…another one for the spuds trophy cabinet ‘we drew agains barca at camp nou’


Napoli vs Chelsea pls, return of Sarri etc.


Still not actually hard groups to get through though.


Italian teams aren’t worth a damn apart from Juve.


Yep. At least Juve aren’t fraud bastards never forget this legendary comment from Chiellini


Glad we don’t have anything to worry about if we run into Napoli or inter in the Europa League then :ok_hand:


See no reason we shouldn’t progress against either of them.

Which is different to what you said.


We’ll slap Inter. What a pitiful disgrace.


A top team and manager doesn’t need two results to go their way on matchday 6. They get shit done early. End of.


Thank God Athletico are through, they seemed to make a meal of it again, the shithouses.


So pretty much all the teams you’d expect to progress have progressed so far ?


Really pissed off with Inter last night. Spurs stopped their season from being derailed by dropping into the Europa.
Enough average teams in their for them to draw an winnable game and make the last 8. Not threatening to win it but its a bit more positive than id want too see.


Hope they get Juve again. Woj beating the scum


I missed this beauty of a tweet last night

Fuck me, this is embarrassing!


Guillem’s love for all things Espanyol and Poch is embaressing. Spurs were playing against a b team that had qualified ffs.


I don’t understand how Spurs have evolved to become such media darlings over the last 5 years and get credit for winning these ‘mini trophies’ yet our achievements for similar feats were often overlooked or not given enough credit.

It just feels so strange to have a team that has such a lovefest, but still haven’t actually achieved proper success yet. They’re all just mini victories. How I miss the days when no one gave a shit about them in the early 00s.