The Champions League Thread


Better? Haha




Almost there from Icardi. Lovely save


Inter fucking bottlers. Why do they always do this? @SRCJJ


Messi warming up. Just need Inter to get a fucking goal.


Coutinho really doesn’t do it for Barcelona does he ?


He just doesn’t seem to fit in. He shows his Liverpool form in bursts, notably at Wembley and against Madrid, but he’s not the same player as he is for Brazil.

Albeit he looked good at the end of last season.


Great goal for Crvena. 1-2 PSG


Inter are a bunch of absolute scrubs, you can’t beat PSV at home?

Icardi needs to get the hell out of there.


Messi on for Munir. Gotta say I’ve never been impressed with Munir, another poor game

Tottenham look like they are going to score any minute. Think Inter will need two goals never mind one




Great header and WHAT a cross!


Watch Spurs score now lol


He’s just here for a vacation and a couple of trophies.

And yeah I’ve never seen it either.

There’s so much hubris at Barca because of Messi, Jordi Alba and Busquets have no heirs, they get run into the ground on a consistent basis.

They sold Digne and signed…no one. They’re absolute idiots.


Moura missed a sitter! Spurs definitely gonna score I feel



Ospina brilliant save twice!!


MASSIVE save Cillessen to deny Spurs. Wow that looked over the line. But no. Spurs still going out!!!




Do Napoli look like scoring?