The Champions League Thread


Did Ospina ever play at Anfield for us?

Think it was always Szczesny or Cech who played there for us




Not even 7 minutes :joy:


Arsenal legend confirmed.


He’s clearly playing for that Arsenal move


He’ll be the one to replicate Henry’s goal vs Spurs in '03


my bro is watching both games (two monitors, I am on Liverpool - Napoli) he just yelled the same thing.

Now I miss Luca




Inter are dogshite lol


Just had to look up Kyle Walker-Peters’ birthday as the commentators keep patronising him and talking about him as if he is 9 and has won a competition to be on the pitch. He is 21. Plus he grew up in Edmonton so was probably street smart by the time he was 5!


FFS Internazionale.

F’ckin Azzuri (or.whatever their nickname is)



something tells me we wont be getting Dembele :santi: :henry2:


That would mean Moley lied and that’s something that doesn’t even bear thinking about :sob:


Opsina doing his rolling on the ground injury thing :joy:

What a guy


SALAHHHHH!!! B̶r̶i̶l̶l̶i̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶a̶l̶


Ospina wtf :joy::joy::joy: should have saved it


Got a link Calum? Can’t find the Salah goal myself

Fucking Spurs and Liverpool look like they will do enough


Just found it @will24 look above :+1:


Mo Salah what an absolute beast. If Liverpool progress what a first half of the season for them, 13-3-0 in the league & progression from the toughest CL group.


Fucking geoblocking…