The Champions League Thread


Tottenham, Barca, Napoli, P.S.G. and Porto win, while Dortmund draw.

Dortmund, Barca, Porto, Schalke and Atletico are qualified.


Big fan of defenders celebrating a good bit of defending with a chest bump. If strikers can celebrate after doing their job, then why can’t defenders?!


That old school defender passion, see Chiellini do the same all the time.

It’s the equivalent of a goal after all.


They clearly need a bit more practice because they’re bumping cocks not chests, no wonder my guy on the right is in pain.


As I expected Tottenham are every chance to qualify going into matchday 6, the banter regarding spurs and the CL is on a knives edge.


Nainggolan has been shit since joining ffs.

This is what we deserve for relying on Inter


Fancy spurs to do what they need to in Barcelona all things considering

Btw I notice Liverpool fans are whinging about PSG and the referee. Can I assume this is just Scousers being Scousers?


Klopp went on a massive rant about the referee. He complained about their “300” cards to PSG’s two, lol. To be fair, Verratti should maybe have been sent off, but still, PSG dominated that game so maybe Liverpool should focus on that rather than looking for excuses.


Be honest, how many managers will admit their own fault and shortage (manager, team, players) and not blaming the referee?

One out of a hundred games?


Fuck off Barca pricks


Ffs spurs are going to do it tonight


I’m looking forward to Tottenham beating Barcelona B and announcing to the world that they can mix it with the big boys and they’re after the top trophies.


Liverpool vs Napoli teams

Gonna watch this one now Barca are being pricks with there team haha


This is the exact reason why I said 6-7 weeks ago all the piss take about the CL and Spurs will come back to bite people. Can’t blame Barca as they have qualified and are top, they have nothing to gain from this match.


Whoa lot at stake in the Liverpool - Napoli game. Tuning in.


There’s only one game to watch tonight, and that’s Pool vs Napoli, should be a great one.


Are you Luca in disguise? :smile:


:joy::joy::joy: I also bet this morning on Messi to score anytime and Barca to win!!!


Barca and Napoli fan tonight :slightly_smiling_face:


You could wait for Spurs to actually win before crowing about how people shouldn’t have engaged in some light hearted fun lol