The Champions League Thread


Thiago Silva playing like its 2012 again.


Liverpool out if they don’t win here?

Imagine Spurs and Liverpool join us in EL haha


Porto score.

3-0 Napoli. Golazo!

Porto make it two.


Nope, as they just need to beat Napoli 2-0.


Fuck sake Inter you cunts


Good goal from Red Star.

1-0 Barca. :goat:! Wuah! Golazo!

Tottenham-Inter is really a nice game now! End-to-end stuff.
2-0 Barca

Oh nice chance for Inter!


Such a terrible defence!


What do Spurs need at the Camp Nou?


To win, as Inter are gonna surely beat PSV.


Ufff, I mean Barça don’t need to win but surely they draw?


Read this description expecting a peak Barca style goal. Not even close. Calm the fuck down, Henry.


2-1 PSV


Then you wonder why i do hate England and their media :xhaka: . Nationalist pricks.


In fairness no one wonders that. We do wonder why you keep telling us.


Schalke pull one back.

3-1 Porto


I want to read Inter pull one back Luca!!!


The english media are arrogant, tbh.

I know i should shut up because many hate me on here, but i can’t sometimes :wink:


Nope. Tottenham win.


Inter bottlers again


Inter really aren’t good, I’m interested too see Icardi at a big club because he gets the job done whilst feeding off bare bones at Inter.