The Champions League Thread


I think he’s far too clever to actually believe half the stuff he says. I think he likes being the villain, this is just a pantomime to him.


All well and nice Messi scores 22 goals against Premier League teams like Arsenal Scum City and United, but how would he fare on a cold winter night at the Britannia against Stoke City? Now that’s the real litmus test.


Monaco losing after 90 seconds :see_no_evil:

Henry standing there with a FML face


1-0 Atletico


Id be livid if I was a player and seen that face.:sunglasses:


But there was a terrible deflection, why would anyone have an issue with his face after that?! It would be different if it was one of his players cocking up, or the team just being shit

Edit: thinking about the smiley used, maybe I’m missing a joke?! Lol


Mo and Rashford last night.


2-0 Atletico. Monaco getting destroyed.


Monaco aren’t even going to qualify for the Europa League :grimacing:


Good news. They would have been a tough opponent :xhaka2:


Lokomotiv score.

Lokomotiv and Atletico up at HT.


2-0 Lokomotiv

Lokomotiv and Atletico win.


Ramadel puts the penalty wide


FORZA Inter!! C’mon Icardi!! Hattrick please


Would be very surprised if Inter got a result tonight. Spurs aren’t really losing games and I don’t think this Inter squad have enough about them to beat Spurs at Wembley.


Napoli and P.S.G. up.

1-0 Napoli

1-0 P.S.G.

Nice start between Inter and Tottenham. Inter are keeping Tottenham at bay.
Nice chance for Tottenham here, but Lucas’s shot is too weak and straight at Handanovic.
Tottenham are pushing hard now.
2-0 Napoli


At bay* is more correct mate! :muscle:t3:


Tuchel’s touchline attire :ok_hand:


Tottenham hit the bar! :cech:
2-0 P.S.G. Lol!

Nainggolan off for Borja Valero. Weird sub if he isn’t injured.
Liverpool pull one back.

Napoli and P.S.G. up at HT. The others draw, instead.


Fucking Valero!! Wake up and hit the fucking ball!!!