The Champions League Thread



6-0 City. Nice goal.

2-2 Hoffenheim. Another comeback against Lyon.


Yeah this has blown up in Allegri’s face, poor form. United was so out of this.


Happy they won tbh. Can’t believe every fucking PL team in the CL is gonna end up in the EL. Fuck off :joy::joy::joy:


I’m not going to defend Woj any more, I’ve gone off him after seeing him try to kill Dybala during the warm up :unamused:


Allegri also has to take some blame, you can’t always go defensive at 1-0 up especially at home.

Bring on someone who can kill the game dead FFS

Jose showing how full of shit he is by taunting the home crowd.


GET IN AJAX!! So proud of the boys :netherlands:


Cuadrado was a total c’nt with his chance


Credit to Jose he’s actually turning it around when everyone said he’d lost the dressing room. Couple of good wins in the EPL, draw at Chelsea and winning in Turin is monumental.


Juve cunt fans started it. Glad he did.

And yeah, questions have to be asked of Allegri after they took the lead.

@Luca_from_Italy with this team he has to try. It was better last year.

He can do it, but when in a winning position he always just shuts up shop ffs.

Like against Madrid last season, when they levelled it he made Juve go back in their shells, invite pressure and they gave away the pen.


Allegri has never been very attacking, tbh. It’s football is very simple.


All sets him up nicely for a spanking in the Manchester derby


Bayern, United, City and Real win, while Benfica and Lyon drew.

It’s getting worrying the way United are getting all these wins. Their luck is back.


That’s the reasons why i prefer Emery. He wants to find a good balance between defence and attack, while Allegri is just about defending.


Benfica & Lyon drew.


Why does everything have to be the best ever? Even when it clearly isn’t :joy:


tbf its probably their best in recent years. Maybe the words came out wrong haha


My bad :wink:


CSKA up.

CSKA up, while Ajax draw.


1-1 Plzen


Ajax ahead in Greece through a penalty.