The Champions League Thread




Our boys were focused on saturday’s game :henry2:




Agreed with your point but Kahn > Buffon imo

Also, looking at that Wembley pitch, Tottenham truly are a joke club.

Also also, it’s such a shame how Thiago Silva went from a bona fide boss, to a monumental bitch. He looks unrecognisable to the beast from 2012.


Poor Trent :cry:


Fair to say that City, Barca & Juve are probably the 3 best sides in Europe at the moment ?


Don’t forget Unai’s Red and White Army


We haven’t lost a Champions League game since March 2017. We are number #1 imo


Yeah and Liverpool at Anfield is where they’ll stumble especially because PSG are likely going to batter Red Star again.


Probably the same at this stage last season too and not one reached the semi final. Only Barca have any real pedigree in winning the trophy in recent seasons.


PSG would have definitely been in the top 3 at this stage last season, but yeah they went round of 16 also :joy:.


Juve edge it so far imo, based on their league record imo.


For sure. It’s gonna be a 3-horse race for the Champions League. The others are just crap.


Roma already up thanks to Manolas.

Valencia up as well.

Valencia FFS! 1-1 Young Boys.

Valencia up again! Mina on fire!

Roma and Valencia up at HT.


CSKA draw!

2-1 Roma and CSKA are down to 10 men.

3-1 Valencia

No Lukaku again! :arteta:

Both Roma and Valencia win. Roma just need 1 point to qualify.


Looks like Valencia will put themselves in a position where if they beat United at home on matchday 6 they’ll send them packing to the Europa League.


COME ON AJAX :netherlands::netherlands:


United look so fucking shit.
City score.


Ramos in elbow player in the face shocker

So unlike him


2-0 Real, 2-0 Manchester City and 1-0 Lyon.

1-0 Real. Golazo!

2-0 Real.

2-0 City. WOW WOW WOW! Pathetic decision!

1-0 Lyon

Ramos :gabriel: