The Champions League Thread


Playing with Verratti and Draxler in the middle is asking for suicide.


BT Sport Goals show with James Richardson and the EFS crew is just brilliant. No games interest me so watching this. Its like Gillete Soccer Saturday x1000 haha


:poldi: :arteta:



Napoli playing well. But Neymar looks on fire today. Nice game!
Koulibaly is just awesome.


Sent that to my Liverpool mates defending the loss in Belgrade…


Atletico leading :hipster:

2-0 Porto

Meanwhile, the game has become boring in Napoli. Both teams are afraid of losing.


Nelson playing WB with Walcott in the front 3. I don’t miss Wenger haha


P.S.G. score. Fuck!


PSG with the late goal.


Atletico, Porto, P.S.G. and Schalke up at HT, while the others draw.


Fuck sake Napoli have conceded two goals in extra time to PSG which could completely change the group



Spurs have had 76 % possession and have had 14 shots to 2, yet they trail at the half :eyes:.


Yeah Spurs are well on top from what I’ve seen so I think they’ll turn it around. Luckily Inter are holding out well


Like Liverpool would have scored 3 against us, right? :wink: :xhaka:


called it, top player henry but i have a big feeling he will be a shit manager.


Turned on the Inter-Barca game, Icardi and Suarez show how important it is to have elite strikers leading the line and linking up attacking play. Both are great to watch.


Team Gigi saves P.S.G.! Great save!
FUCK OFF GIGI! At it again!
How are P.S.G. surviving this? Napoli are all over them.
2-0 Schalke.



Napoli are destroying PSG in the second half and Buffon is keeping them in it.