The Champions League Thread


@Persona don’t like it.


Monaco already 2-0 down lol!

1-0 Bruges

2-0 Bruges


Thierry man :facepalm:

He’s going to get Monaco relegated!


Never a manager.


Wrong decision taking the coach job there, a better one was sacked before him, he should’ve started in a small club, Bordeaux would’ve been a better fit, the expectations aren’t the same between these two clubs.

Thierry Henry

Monaco are in complete disarray, sad for them considering they won the league less than 2 years ago.


That new manager ball is taking a while to bounce :giroud:

To be fair though, looking at Monaco’s squad, they’re missing several key players.


What games are tonight @Luca_from_Italy


Liverpool :laughing:

The EL is gonna be jam-packed with PL teams

Best league in the world you know.


You lazy fucker. :smile:


I still think Liverpool will get a result tonight, but it would be hilarious if they lost to Serbian farmers.


Looooool that group has been blasted wide open.

Imagine losing to Red Star Belgrade with your first team.

Didn’t we hump them last year?


Nope. Beat them 1-0 away and scoreless draw at ours.


Nah. Commentators reckon the players are too tired, that they still have the Arsenal game “in their legs” :wenger:


Find the CL boring tbh only watch if theres a game I’m interested in haha.



1-0 Red Star

2-0 Red Star

3-0 Bruges as well.


I was having my dinner. Check out for them, you lazy scot.

Gonna post the line-ups in 30 minutes though.


You post everything else Luca haha don’t worry just seen its Tottenham vs PSG :unamused:


Tottenham-PSV :facepalm:


:grimacing: yeah them