The Champions League Thread


so help me god if that fucking cunt team goes into the europa again.


rofl first thing I thought as well when the goals started coming in :joy: like, this is our season we got Emery now this is what he does you muppets you stay away from us now ffs


Jealous of Diallo for Dortmund tbh

Also looks like Witsel is finally making good on his early career promise


They used the Sokratis money and invested it into a better asset in all respects.



Oh look at Messi being dreamy eyed for Alba


No problem with P.S.G. in the Europa League. We are gonna beat them so King :unai: can get his revenge.


Wow, sensational stuff from Dortmund. Last night must have been spectacular for you @Persona :smiley:


Amazing stuff from Dortmund


Mixed night though as Tuchel reputation sinking like a stone at PSG.


Aye, yeah it was. It was brilliant, just wish I had remembered to watch from the beginning. :sweat_smile:

It is quite unbelievable given the mess they both were in last season to see Arsenal and Dortmund performing so well. Change is good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tuchel is dealing with the same issues Emery dealt with. He has an unbalanced squad and players who don’t like to press in the way Emery and Tuchel would want them to. Neymar and Mbappe basically offer nothing defensively and you can’t have full backs (who aren’t particularly stellar anyway) as unprotected as the attacking players leave them.


No one has ever scored 4 goals against Simeone. Wonderful stuff!


Napoli vs PSG is an absolutely huge game tonight, If PSG lose or draw 0-0 or 1-1 then they’re in some serious trouble.


I hope Napoli win as I favour PSG to beat Liverpool at home and that would mean Carletto has navigated his way out of the toughest group of the draw.


Gonna watch Napoli today. They can pull out one of the biggest upset in the last years.


I want to see PSG in the Europa League.

Sorry Tuchel


You don’t want us to win it then?!


Forgot about that :sweat_smile:

But you know what the bottlers would probably get knocked out before the final anyways.


I can’t imagine them caring about the Europa League too much tbh