The Champions League Thread


Looks like PSG will be joining us in the Europa… :facepalm:


2-0 Porto


Emery’s revenge, you tool. Easy :unai:


Lokomotiv pull one back.


Liverpool score the 2nd as well.


Oh shit… I somehow didn’t even think about BVB tonight. Up against Atletico… get in!! :eyes::ok_hand::muscle:


Borussia, Liverpool, Porto and Napoli up at HT. Galatasaray up, instead.


Hahaha. Arsenal started winning again and than you ‘forget’ BVB :wink:.


3-0 Liverpool and 3-1 Porto.

3-0 Liverpool

3-1 Porto

Inter are dominating the second half atm. Two great chances for Politano.


Saul close twice. 2nd time would’ve been one for the highlight reel. :grimacing:


Still think PSG will win today but it’s been a disciplined and good performance from Napoli so far. Carletto again showing his tactical acumen that so many people accused him of lacking.


You called it owl lol! 1-1!


BVB sitting back while Atletico are attempting to carve out chances. Can’t see this ending well.


Sad PSG drew, I was so ready to talk shit about Tuchel.




Barca are dominating again now.


Hakimi you absolute bellend. :facepalm: Marco Reus about to smash the 2-0 in, takes it off him, messes the chance up completely.


WOWWWWW! WHAT A COUNTER FROM BARCA! Unlucky not to score here.


Saul subbed off. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


71mins and this young defence still holding out. :ok_hand:


YESSSSSSSSSSS !!! IT’S 2-0!!! :muscle::muscle:

Superb team goal.



2-1 Napoli! :unai:

4-0 Liverpool