The Champions League Thread


Come on now PSV, get the draw here.


Exactly, but fuck them now.

Even if they were Trumpers, id be able to swallow it but this guy is worse

On topic - eriksen again with the inch perfect ball. Can somebody please go for him ffs?!?!


Think Lloris is still drunk. The fuck was he doing?! He’s a bit of a liability these days.


He is but I think he’s saved them a few times too






Get in!


Hold on PSV :crossed_fingers:


Hugo to the rescue :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Holy shit van bommel is sexy


Charming motherfucka too


Both draw.


Definitely, Trump says dumb arse things and so forth, Bolsonaro has said some shit that is Duterte level madness and worse.


Who had a blatant goal disallowed in the PSV vs Spurs game ?




Good makes me feel even better about the result.


Big Weng @ Barcelona stat pls.


What a save from Handanovic!
Liverpool up.

P.S.G. are going down to the Europa League FFS! 1-0 Napoli! Porto up as well.

1-0 Napoli

1-0 Porto


Lovely finish from Insigne there…


Wow! Some assist from Dracula! 1-0 Rafinha.