The Champions League Thread


Maybe he has learnt from Almunia.


2-0 Red Bull

4-1 Benfica. Another penalty lol!

Comical Red Bull! 2-2 wow!. 3-0 PSV as well.

2-1 Red Star

2-2 Red Star

3-0 PSV


So is it extra time in Austria ? Or Red star through ?


Another failure for Red Bull! Pathetic plastic team ahahah! @PPB Red Star, PSV and Benfica are through.


Confirmed pots. Could be some tasty groups :slightly_smiling_face:


Real, Borussia, Liverpool and Inter :henry2:


Hope there is no group of death. Keep the good CL teams out our Europa League ffs!!


Does the Europa winner go into pot 1? Never noticed before.


Pot 1 has so much more quality than the rest of them, there is quite a gap imo. (Excluding Liverpool of course)


Wonder who lucks out getting Lokomotiv Moscow as pot 1 opposition, tipping it will be Man United.


What’s the justification for them being in Pot 1?


Russian League champions I’d imagine.


CL winner, EL winner, top 6 league champions.

So winning the EL is actually a lot better than finishing 4th :open_mouth:


This must further complicate the draw surely…


Have you ever watched the draw? Its mad.

They pull a team then figure out what groups those teams can go into so get a ball from each of the relevant groups. Sometimes later in the draw you have a situation where there’s only one possible group a team can go into where in reality there could be six groups left.


It’s been like that for a few years.

It’s why we kept getting Bayern, and Man City kept getting Barca


That’s how they rig the game


The draw is about to start.


Bald cunt?


Being the FIFA president now, he cannot do it anymore.