The Champions League Thread


Kiev pressing


FFS huntelaar


Ajax wasting chances after chances.



:euro: :euro: :euro:


Congrats Dutch bro! :slight_smile: Back after 4 years! :muscle:


Well, finally Ajax have done it! Congratulations!


Ajax really deserved that, really should have won on the night also from the parts I saw of the match.


Watching PAOK vs Benfica and PAOK take the lead 1-0. Deserved lead and great goal

Benfica have been in the CL groups the last 8 seasons aswell. In trouble now… :eyes:


Nice to see another greek team giving it a go. Olympiakos were boring.


Go PSV! Another Dutch team to make it.


Holland is still shit though, you tulipan :ozil2:


1-0 PAOK

1-0 PSV

1-1 Benfica


Come on Benfica!

Remember, if PAOK win it means Liverpool go into pot 2 instead of pot 3. Can’t be having that.


Penalty to Benfica. 2-1 now.


That PAOK goalkeeper has absolutely fucked it :joy::see_no_evil:


2-0 PSV


That keeper should paok his bags and get himself a transfer after that.


Bye bye PAOK.

Goal Red Bull! Maybe they can finally make it.


That piece of play from the POAK keeper for the 2nd goal was absolutely embarrassing.


That’s one of the worst goalkeeping moments i’ve ever seen in my life. A masterclass in bad decision making.

Do you reckon in hindsight, the GK is thinking that he should have just let the ball go out for a corner? :laughing: