The Champions League Thread


Chris Sutton is proper losing his shit on the BT Sport commentary. Just having a massive rant to himself. Boyata in particular is getting it in the neck despite not even playing, “HE’S A DISGRACE. SHOULD NEVER WEAR THE CELTIC SHIRT AGAIN!”

“They spent £2m on disco lights for the Champions League and might not even get there” :rofl:


Any idea what that is in reference to?


They spent £2.3m on an entertainment system for their stadium which will create a “world class” light and sound show :laughing:

I think they have something similar at the Ajax Amsterdam Arena.


Johan Cruijff Arena*.

In Amsterdam it’s probably (also) meant for concerts and stuff.


We made it to the next round!! @Luca_from_Italy


Isn’t it group stages now ?


Nope playoffs


No. There will be another round.


How odd. Celtic are notoriously stingy with the cash.


Dinamo Kiev, BATE, PAOK, AEK, Dinamo Zagreb, Benfica, Vidi, Red Bull, Ajax and Red Star are through.


1-0 Ajax

2-0 Ajax

3-0 Ajax

Edit: they only played today, not tomorrow as well.


Celtic out the CL, as Rodgers is pissed about lack of investment.


“Lack of investment”

You said? :henry2:


What’s happened to Luca ? No Champions League updates ? The games are at Half time.


Yeah was wondering where Luca has gone lol. He’s not posted for ages!


“This user is suspended until Aug 27, 2018 8:00 am.
Reason: Irrational posting”

Have to find my own goal clips now, lol


Lol when was he banned? Don’t think he done anything ban worthy haha


Did he have a meltdown during the Chelsea loss ?


Alex Hleb is still playing :heart_eyes:. He scored against PSV tonight. Who went on too win the match 2-3.


Don’t think so haha. If he did it was a small one


Ajax 3-1 up vs Kiev :grinning: it’s happening.