The Champions League Thread


Ask @Craigie :mustafi:


I reckon they could pull it off


Astana-Dinamo Zagreb 0-2.


Ajax 0-2 up @Luca_from_Italy :grinning:


Daylight robbery.


BATE win as well, while Ajax, Malmo and Slavia Prague draw. Ajax bottle a 2-goal lead lol!

1-0 Ajax

2-0 Ajax



Ajax threw it away :man_facepalming:


Away goals still count though.


Red Star draw as well. Good win for Benfica against Fenerbahce.


I tried to warn you.


PAOK and Red Bull win.
Celtic 1-1 FT.


The third qualifying round second leg takes place today and tomorrow.


Come on Ajax!!


Watch them bottling it again :mustafi:


Ajax 2-0 up!!!

This does not fucking slip now :grinning:


says steven gerrard :henry2:


Ah @Craigie no CL football for Qarabag

And Celtic look like they’ll be following them out the door


Loved the stadium/inflatable the BATE Qarabag match took place in though


It suits us, we can bring football home now #BAKU2019




2 Greek teams will make the group stages with neither of them being Olympiacos which is nice for a change, I will be seething if we get Olympiacos in the Europa League though, we have played them lots over the years.