The Champions League Thread


Malmo, Red Star, PAOK, Vidi, Ajax and Celtic are the last teams to qualify.


Yawnfest, bring on a real opponent ffs.


Is that a glimmer of excitement I’m sensing? Don’t do it to yourself friend!


The scum 10th favourite to win The CL?!

fuck off :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Id seriously wait till the window closes in Europe before betting on that with any certainty. (Spuds apart that is)


Barca biggest favs…haha they are a fading force they almost look lucky getting out of the group stages at times.


True that. They aren’t a force to deal with anymore.


Who would you have above Spurs, though? Maybe Inter. Not that sure about Dortmund, Valencia or Napoli. I don’t think it’s that outrageous to have Spurs that high up in the betting.


Spurs 10th fav is about right, people just can’t accept it with the Arsenal blinkers on.


Is tenth favourite supposedly a good thing? It’s basically that’s the amount of space they had on the graphic.


When did 10th favourite become a good thing? It’s like saying Leicester are 10th favourite for the FA cup. Or more precisely, Leicester are not winning the FA cup.


Is Aussiegooner a secret spud???

His last few posts have been very pro Spuds, feck me, he even called Harry Kane world class ffs…


10th favourite is nothing to get excited about, its about the same position we were in from 2011-2017 when in the Champions League, ultimately its an expected Round of 16 exit.


I am fine with it. 10th fav basically means they are not gonna win it.


Aside from Madrid above Liverpool I wouldn’t change that graph.

Barca seem like a good bet at this early stage although it could change to City or Juve for me. Spurs as 10th favourite means nothing really does it


wait wat?! Only just noticed that, fuck me :arteta:

That’s the true crime, Spurs about 10th best team in the CL is about right, but Liverpool with a higher chance of the CL than Real Madrid :arteta:
Lads, these Scouse fools have got too big for their boots again after their boom, the bust in this boom-bust cycle will be especially glorious to watch.


The third qualifying round first leg takes place today and tomorrow.


Ajax!! Come on!! Make it this time :netherlands:


You should, as there aren’t tough opponents this time.


I wonder if Qarabag will be able to master BATE…