The Champions League Thread



Karius must have gotten a hefty paycheck to give Real the lead twice…





what a loser more like, i feel he panders to much to fans instead of doing his job…after a while it comes across as a bit pathetic.


I think, case in point, is when he (nor the entire club at Liverpool FC) showed strong enough condemnation for the bus attack when they played Man City in the Champions League. The club, for whatever reason, decided to publicise the route the Manchester City bus would be taking, completely aware that they awaited a hostile response from the home fans.

By condoning the fans’ behaviour, they’re complicit


Lol! Is he drunk?


Haha, laughable. Spurs are in for a down period now that their stadium is near completion. How are they going to get Bale when Kane and Ali might be on their way out.


Seems far fetched I guess however, Levy does seem to be a cunning guy. I wonder what sort of clauses they’ve thrown into Bales’ contract for life after RM?


There’s no way Bale goes from winning 4 CL titles for the games most glamorous team to challenging for the top 4 and not doing anything in cups because they’re beneath Spurs and only the league and CL matter.


That’s probably the nicest thing that’s ever been said about him.

Most people would have put something else after the first three letters of the word “cunning.” :grinning:


It’s Bale’s own fault. If he hadn’t scored those goals and Madrid had gone out Zidane probably would have got the boot, and then he’d have been a nailed on starter under Wenger.


They have 33 domestic titles, Barcelona has 24 or 25 despite their dominance in the recent times.

They are the most successful team in Spain and Europe.


I think Darkseid meant team as in the current collection of players, whereas you are talking about Real Madrid as a club rather than a team. I don’t think anyone would dispute that they are one of the greatest clubs of all time.


He means if they have only won 1 league title over the last 5 years then no way should they have won 4 Champions League titles over that same period.


But they have and it’s a bit bizarre seeing some pundits cherry picking their way through recent games and saying such things as ‘they were lucky to run into PSG without Neymar’ or ‘Bayern outplayed them over 180 minutes’

They’ve won 4 titles in 5 years: either it’s a highly successful conspiracy or they’re just an excellent and dynastic side. I’ll go with the second one


Always a bit of luck involved in a cup competition and they’ve no doubt had their share of theirs but even if it were 2 or 3 in 5 it’d still be pretty special. In the end a Kroos Modric CM with players like Benzema CR12 Isco Bale Di Maria up top goes a long way, not to mention the two best full backs in the world.


Also other teams messed up.

Barcelona should have won a CL at-least once in last 3 seasons.
Also Bayern have also underachieved by not even reaching CL finals in past 5 seasons.

English team have sucked in this competition for a decade now.


If you think Wenger deserves credit for his 3 FA cups then Zidane deserves the same credit for these CLs.

Cups have never been a reflection of the true quality of a team. To downplay any cup is pretty much downplaying them all.


Why does it have to be either extreme? They can be a great side and still get lucky as shit. Hardly unusual. United’s treble for example with Bergkamp’s pen and Bayern’s collapse.