The Champions League Thread


Probably James Rodriguez off head. I could be wrong but I can’t remember them spending an extravagant sum of money on a player since him.

It’s also worth nothing though that over the next couple of seasons they’re going to need to replace CR7, Benzema, Ramos, Bale, Modric and Navas and that’s going to cost a lot of money.


They have been very luck as well:

  • 2014: last second equalizer, then go and win 4-1 in ET;
  • 2016: Griezmann misses a penalty when it’s 1-0 to Real;
  • 2017: Casemiro scores the 2-1 deflected;
  • 2018: Salah&Karius.


You could pretty much go through every team in the CL and find a decision or injury that went in their favour though. Real Madrid’s “luck” is just analysed more because they won the thing. Plus, people seem to hate them and are reluctant to praise them.


I am just saying the luck has played a big part in their success. Not denying they are the best team in the world.


As much as I understand they’ve had their fair share of luck let’s not pretend they’ve lucked their way to 4 CL titles. They navigated their way through 24 group games and 28 knockout games in total and that’s because more often than not they’ve always found a way to win and whether we like it or not that’s just something we have to give them credit for.


It’s an incredible achievement but they aren’t the greatest team ever or anything of the like.

Their dosmestic title record is very poor and it’s got to the stage where if Barca go out they will win the CL, on one hand you have to give it to thrm their dues but on the other these so called “top teams” may need their credentials revoked as they simply don’t have the minerals.

One team especially one like Real shouldn’t be dominating the CL like this.


Ramos lol! The guy is such a sneaky bastard i’d love to rip him to piece and shit in his mouth.




I like Ramos. :see_no_evil:

Primarily for Euros 2006. Loved him as right back in that tourno.


Morata and Danilo were 30m and 31m. But the last big big money signing was James in 2014. The same year they signed Toni Kroos for €25m.


Liverpool fans have started a petition to punish Ramos and it already has over 100,000 signatures :laughing: I think we should start a petition to ban these sort of petitions.


Typical Scousers overreaction. He is still a cunt though.


More like that’s the 6th time he’s had his car radio pinched


Madrid beat the Italian, German and French Champions on their way to this final.

They’ve won all their CL titles on pure merit. They’ll go down as one of the best sides in football.


But yet you are throwing a strop over us not signing fucking Arteta :xhaka:


I think you missed the joke.


oh i get it though, Arteta though and zidane are not in the same fucking league


Ah, so if Arteta has a mediocre record in two seasons as a manager at a League One outfit, then you’ll be interested in signing him? :per:


Here’s one for the older members. Imagine Ramos on the pitch with opponents the likes of Billy Bremner, Jimmy Scoular, Tommy Docherty, Norman Hunter. He wouldn’t be dishing it out with those guys around. :slight_smile:


Shithoused by Ramos? My club would never. :henry2: