The Champions League Thread


Yep, he’s pissed off Bale stole his thunder with that amazing mic drop performance and goal.

Wants to do similar lol. Tragic haha

Let’s be real here, the CLs started coming when Vale came, didn’t they?

Not 2009… :laca:


Bullshit. Putting your fucking all into something and coming away with something like that would destroy anyone.


Hahahahaha this had me in raptures




Some record from the two of us tbh


Haha, for many seasons before that they would have sucked dick to just be in the CL let alone get to a group stage of it.


Angling to be paid 1.5m a week with a release clause of 2.5bn


I just hope some dopey cunt fans dont start doing the shitbag death threat routine, nobody deserves that.


So both CR7 and Bale are leaving. Interesting summer ahead for Real.

Feel so bad for Salah who will miss the WC :sob:


Mo Elneny is going to have to chip in with a few more goals now then :eyes:


I have Egypt in the office sweepstake. I was convicing myself I had an outside chance but I’m struggling to buy my own lies now.


Have no fear!!


Bit ahead of yourself there, mate

Unless of course he’s advertising the number of finals Klopp has lost in a row…


Because it’s hilarious


The goals:

1-0 Real

1-1 Liverpool

2-1 Real

3-1 Real


Is it official that both are leaving?


You guys realise Zidane has literally never not won the CL as a manager.

Like he has a 100% hit rate when it comes to CL WINS :cech:

This really is just a game of manager mode in beginner difficulty to him, isn’t it?


We need him here.


Not experienced enough though, Madrid never should’ve hired him.


As a Liverpool fan, the emotions you would feel towards Karius would be a mix of utter anger and disgust to bottom of the pit gutted for him. To even think about losing your star player to injury in under half an hour of the final is gut wrenching. Having your keeper absolutely fuck it, TWICE, is simply unfathomable. Disgusting.

Puts them in a pickle now. Splurging money left, right and center on outfield players when really, they’ve not had a competent keeper for years now. Go big for Oblak if I was them. Their attack is fine and will be just fine having a rock in goal for a change.

Surely, surely Bale never goes back to Spurs? That doesn’t happen right guys?