The Champions League Thread


Woah Aussie don’t be like that


You’ll never walk alone, though…


Hahahahaha let’s be real though, making the CL group stage feels like an achievement for us now.


This is the situation Liverpool were in last May, so maybe we’re not that far off :mustafi:


The most low key celebrations from a cl winner ever?


Why, he’s somehow got an actual job as a goalkeeper, lads needs to be thankful he isn’t unemployed

In Liverpool they’ll start having Karius effigies instead of Guy Fawkes on bonfire night



Going to USA?


He’s just trying to outdo Bale.

He isn’t going anywhere.


Oi, Florentino, hands off Pierre. :unai:

I do know of a prolific English striker if that’s your thing.


Karius the new Gerard


Ronaldo isn’t leaving


So this announcement is his Mike Bassett moment? :giroud3:


He wants the attention nothing else haha



I do feel horrible for Karius…


I saw the footage of him by the fans and felt a right prick for the laugh comment(s) earlier. :grimacing:


What’s with all this handling Karius with kid gloves?? He’s a professional isn’t he? If that were anyone else, even Gerard, they’d be rightly criticized and derided for such school boy errors.

It’s weird how everyone’s reacting to this.


This game pretty much went the way I thought. Madrid toyed with their shit gen press. Lolpool shouldn’t have been near the CL final let’s be honest they shit housed their way there and soo sooooo fortunate to avoid Barca.


Have to say, I thought Lovren was great tonight.

I made the usual “Lovren is playing in a CL final HAHAHAHA” jokes, but actually he was one of the best players on the pitch! One of his best performances in a Liverpool shirt.


Karius is a gorgeous man, he’s gonna go out tonight and get laid by some scandanavian beauty. Don’t feel too bad for him.