The Champions League Thread


Meaning replace the whole squad?


What did bale say


“I need to play more. We’ll sit down with my agent in the summer”

Off to United then. Ronaldo said it’s been beautiful playing for Real and that he’ll make an announcement in a few days.


It’s not like Karius is a top keeper who’s had a mare. He’s a shit keeper.

And he’s only got the shirt because of how shit the other keeper is.


Said he needs to play week in week out and is going to sit down with his agent to sort it out


Feel kinda bad for him but couldn’t help but laugh.

Bale is ironclad going to United.


I am quite clearly identifying we haven’t bought well enough over the years, the fact we splashed so much cash and regressed is testament to that.

I hope our new structure sees significant improvement there.


So annoying Bale is off to United.


I’m sure that’s true. But fuck me, nobody deserves that, keepers at any level would be mortified by those errors.




what for they already have sanchez, lingard and rashford so many players.


120 goals in 152 appearances, only stat that matters.



Bale replaces Martial. Lingard and Rashford get to ride the bench.


After watching these scenes of Madrid lifting their 3rd CL in a row, I can’t believe a Real Madrid player just went on telly and said he doesn’t want to play for Real Madrid anymore :grin:


Didn’t stop them going for Alexis did it?

They’ll go for whoever will sell shirts and bale has the bonus of being good too.

Although with their luck he’ll be crocked as soon as he arrives


Haha I know man. He’s a great player, but he played a poor final and season overall


I wouldn’t be surprised by:

Bale to United as part of a De Gea deal.
Bale to Chelsea as part of a Hazard deal.
Bale to City for no reason whatsoever.


Well that was an experience; I’m in Costa Rica on holiday and everytime Navas touched the ball I thought someone scored :joy:


Happy with the result as I didn’t want my Liverpool mates gloating about a trophy that we will never ever win. Sad for Liverpool 2 horrific goalkeeping errors proving the difference.


Man. I wish when our players had a poor season they scored 44 goals in the process