The Champions League Thread


really hope Emery can win us the big ears, oh how he would be loved.


4 CLs in 5 years for Real. Unbelievable record tbf


He does for me in FM, if that helps.

Although he inherited Ballon D’Or Iwobi and Isak, Dembele and bought Leon Bailey, so I dunno how much that applies :joy:


Wow x3 CLs in a row !!


Honestly it’s Klopps fault that Karius made those mistakes. You see Klopp’s hair and teeth? He obviously isn’t very detail oriented, and that seems to rub off on his players.


Well my scouse mates won’t be so insufferable now :hugs:


Sounds like Bale is definitely coming home then


Straight to United I guess. I wonder where Martial will go.


Could we pull off Bale?


I’m with Bale on that, he should totally leave


Bale couldn’t have been clearer there. He’ll be elsewhere in August





Would Liverpool have won if Salah wasn’t injured? I think still probably not but you never know.


Honestly though watching the champions league this season really makes me frustrated at my current teams situation, none of these clubs are all that, with some better recruitment I feel like we easily could be right up there.


Lol Wehn.


Which team do you support, I’m assuming not AFC as we’re nowhere fucking near


The pain karius feels must be unbearable. Feel so bad for him. Will forever be remembered for this.


“with some better recruitment”


Fuck. That shot of Karius in front of the fans was heart wrenching.