The Champions League Thread


There’s an idiot on the field!


Lol fan running on the field… at least he kept us from seeing Ronaldo take his shirt off :arteta:

This final will be known as the banter final.


“There’s an idiot on the field”


That fan had money on Messi winning the ballon d’Or


And now normal service can be resumed, with my utter contempt for everything Real Madrid.


Madrid players all making sure to thank Karius.

Class club.


Did they actually???


Great final great game. Credit to pool and we found the real winner. Gotta love this sport !


Wonder when they will be passing him the packets of cash…maybe in the dressing room on the sly.


Ah man i feel so sorry for karius


Real Madrid = GOAT


Imagine spending all that time and money getting to Kiev for a CL final and then seeing your goalkeeper make not one absolute howler, but two.


This has been a banter final for a banter CL :arteta:

What a tournament


“zinna-Dan Zidane”

How do muck up a great’s name like that, Gary? :grimacing:


Yeah that was a shit final and torunament. The quality was so poor


Madrid players entered the game knowing that they would win it in the end FFS.


So is Zidane one of the greatest managers of all time now then?


How many has zizou won now as coach


3 in a row and 1 La Liga