The Champions League Thread


It’s a bit of a stupid rule though in fairness.


outrageous decision! Now i can’t say, only Sergio Ramos can get suspended for a match while being suspended for a match :expressionless:

But yeah, they should get rid of that rule if they’re not going to enforce/punish it.


Yeah, can’t decide if I want to go on a rant about how Florentino’s mafia connections help him out greatly in Europe or if I want to go on a rant about how UEFA is full of cunts.


do both, life is short :henry2:


0 of those 6 goals came against Atletico for what it’s worth.


So why did Atletico not go further this season?


Because they butchered other games against teams not named Roma… simple really.


What makes you certain they will go further than Roma next season?


I just think they are the better side and this year was kind of an anomaly for Atletico in the Champions League.


Think you’re overrating them a tad.

They’re not the same team as 15-16, 13-14, or even the earlier years.

They struggled to get past Leicester last season.

Still much better than us mind, but still, they have done down a bit.


Crespo on losing the final to Liverpool


Well fuck. These guys are meant to vanquish the evil empire.

Now what. Tbh he probably would have got red carded at some point so maybe a blessing in disguise lol


Considering how he cost them last time it’s no bad thing, would rather them play a midfield three of James, Thiago and Martinez anyway.


Yeah, Vidal isn’t even particularly good, I thought? Tolisso probably a better option too, I’m guessing.


Wouldn’t go that far but seems he’ll be off in the summer considering they’ve got Tolisso and Goretzka incoming.


I wanna see Rodriguez Thiago and Martinez.

Martinez is a little less hot-headed than Vidal I guess, too.


Haha, my Juve supporting mate just sent me this.

I think he might still be bitter.


Worse attempt at the peno save than Cech.


Roma stand a chance, imo. I was very impressed from them against Barca. They just need not lose badly at Anfield.


Liverpool - Roma tonight!

Got a feeling Roma will do well, score one or two away goals. Should be a great match.