The Champions League Thread


Considering Roma finished top of the group that put Atletico out into the EL, maybe only on paper.

Man these draws we always get confirms that Platini is Wenger out.


Yeah I know that, but Atletico is still the better side. They will go further than Roma in CL next year, that is if Roma qualifies.


Great draw


This draw means Liverpool have a very good chance of winning the CL.
They have already beaten, arguably the best team in Europe, twice and have got the easiest draw.

I have always rated Klopp, and he has done a brilliant job there, and anyone doubting his ability as a manager must surely see he is one of the best in Europe.


Yes Liverpool have a great chance of winning the CL, imagine Klopp takes them from 7th to winning the CL in less than 3 years :eyes:


The idea of Liverpool winning the CL makes me feel a bit sick.

Please no.


You might need a couple buckets.

They have a great chance, I wouldn’t mind them as a club winning it but it’s their insufferable fans that makes me not want them to win it.


He’s already equalled Wenger’s cl record in a 1/3rd of the time managing I think.

1 final and another semifinal. :joy:


Hasn’t Klopp got a shite record in finals though?

You’d back them to reach the final at the least but against Madrid or Bayern they would be clear underdogs.


Two great games! Looking forward to them.


I’m predicting Bayern to win the whole thing.

They’ve been going under the radar too much for my liking, they’re clearly plotting something :smirk:


Lolpool favorites now? Hehe they’ll lose :joy::joy:


Read this earlier:

For those writing off Roma, at home this season they have played Barca, Chelsea and Atletico - scored 6 conceded 0


No. They are still third favourites.


Is Jupp seriously going to win a treble, retire, come back 5 years later and win another one?


Thing is, if you’d have asked Roma fans who they want in the semis, they’d have said Liverpool, too.

Can’t write em off


If he wins the CL and treble again then he’s the best manager in the world.

Not bad for someone half retired.


I fancy Liverpool to win it now tbh. Although Real Madrid are who they are in this competition so :grin:


I meant favorites against Roma to advance.


This is amazing if true. Such a clear breach of the rules…