The Champions League Thread


It’s Benatia’s right hand pushing Vazquez’ shoulder that makes him trip forward before that still frame as well.


I get what you mean, it was a disappointing end to the match, but the magnitude of the match shouldn’t be a consideration when making such decisions. The decision wouldn’t be any more or less valid if it came in an end of season dead rubber between Arsenal and Watford.


Nothing is dead when we play Watford! According to deeney it’s now a heated rivalry match :wink:


It was a soft penalty, but it’s not a shame that he got awarded.


Yeah, looked like he made contact with the player first even if he did get a touch on the ball at the end.

If you come around the back of somebody like that, you need to make clean, obvious contact with the ball first.

More tragedy for Buffon in the CL. When you come back from 3-0 down, there must be a small part of you that thinks “it must be our year”.


I’ve watched it a few times now, and although I still think it’s soft, I can see why it was given. Emotion shouldn’t come into it for the ref, referees are paid to ensure the rules are adhered to and to make the right calls when said rule is broken regardless of the circumstances, and despite my aggregation at Oliver at the time, he made a brave call, which in hindsight was correct.

If that decision had been given at the other end, would as many people be outraged? I think not.



Good take of the difficulty in making 50/50 decisions and some of the (over) reaction to it


All in all I actually think Oliver had a good game.

The only properly wrong decision he made was actually again RM, calling Isco offside for his goal.

Which makes this abuse over the top.


Think Oliver is now the best english referee. Wish Benati hadn’t of been so rash with that challenge, it was at an awkward height for Lucas and it looks like he was gonna try to control it with his chest, doubtful he would’ve had time to make the second (and decisive) touch.


He probably is the best but that’s not saying much since they’re terrible.

The fact that there wont be a single English referee at the World Cup is indicative of their lack of quality.


Well, Oliver certainly had a better game than Mateu Lahoz on Tuesday. I think he’s really quite good from what I’ve seen. But yeah, as long as incompetents like Dean, Atkinson, Anthony Taylor, etc. are around the state of English refereeing is not good.


I like how an English referee is deemed good enough to referee a Champions League quarter final between two European heavyweights but not good enough to referee the likes of Japan v Senegal in the World Cup :laughing:


I wonder if it has something to do with it being in Russia?



Bayern vs Madrid final. Zzzzzz so predictable. Europa league is better than this stupid boring competition.


Liverpool or Roma in the final!!!


The Mo Salah derby

Real Madrid have had a proper tough knock out run this time around. Best team in France followed by best team in Italy and now best team in Germany.


Will be a surprise if Liverpool don’t make the final. Really tasty final in store if they can progress.


Liverpool have an easier CL SF than we have Europa SF :eyes: