The Champions League Thread




Pathetic words from him. Yeah, don’t give a penalty because the team played well :rofl:


TIL goalkeeper is Gardien in French and I love that.


Against popular opinion this but Oliver should have just let it go. Let the game play out. Such a shit way to end the game.


Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka or Elneny…none of those exciting enough for you :santi:


Nice to see them all taking it well and going out with dignity


Bayern got more robbed than Juve did here tbh.

I wonder if Buffon complained about this??

that lil shit.

Luca’s PM reminded me of what Juve are :ozil2:


Called him a no brained mr magoo probably


Thanks bro. The biggest cheaters ever calling the others cheaters :arteta:


Lets see…



Can someone explain to me this joke?


Against stoke last weekend harry kane had a bogus touch of a ball from a clear Erickson goal and Spurs made a complaint with the FA to officially give the goal to Kane because their only bragging rights will be if Kane can win the golden boot this season. Salah and Jaime Vardy have openly mocked the decision on twitter so far along with the rest of the world, and now the only joke ever is harry kane claiming things that are his when they aren’t.


By the way just watched the highlights of the game. That’s a definite penalty, and Buffon deserved to be sent off. I can’t stand when players surround a ref and act like a petulant child in protest like it’s gonna change the decision, wish more refs would send players off for that.

Also, what is this argument that the ref shouldn’t award a penalty just because it’s in the last minute of the match, and a team shouldn’t be punished like that? Lol no, how about not being torn apart the first match. If it’s a pen in the first minute it’s a pen in the 90th minute.


In my heart of hearts I believe that is not a penalty. Benatia got the ball and Vazquez just flopped down.

I can understand the frustration. Buffon deserves to be sent off no doubt. But I don’t know if I wouldn’t have reacted the same way given the circumstances.


Exactly. Very childish from Buffon. He completely lost the plot and talked shit.


For me it is a clear penalty.
Even if he touched the ball, he is impeding the movement of the player before reaching the ball.





I thought it was a very soft penalty to decide a tie of that magnitude. Brilliant penalty by Ronaldo under that pressure it must be said though.

Most crazy week of Champions League I can remember for a very long time, much needed also given how predictable the competition has become.


Cheers mate.