The Champions League Thread


Vasquez such a bitch looked shook to attack the ball, was backing away from the ball.




Feel like Voiello when Sister Mary goes to Africa right now.


Wish it was a headbutt tbf


Impressive the cool of Juve after each and every goal they scored, completely confident in their game plan. I still have to say over two games Real are the better team, and even though Oliver is correct according to the rule book to give Gigi a red for his behaviour, if he had the presence of mind to not send him off in probably his last game, in the tourny he so longed for to win, and gave him a yellow instead I wouldn’t have complained at all, it would’ve felt worthy and ‘gentlemanlike’ of Oliver. But by the rule book the red is ok, and ofc so is the pen.



1-1 CR7


Is that all he done to get sent off?


:joy: fair


Yeah, he’s not going to last the night…


That was right I now my opinion you can’t do that in the box. He would of easily put that in the back of the net


It is soft but I can see the logic in giving it as well.

Not a full robbery. And Real Madrid were the better side over 180 mins so they deserved to go through.


Bayern, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Roma in the semis

I don’t really know what matchups I want, they are quite unique.

Bayern look the least menacing for a long time, and Real Madrid despite being offensively rampant are flawed defensively.

Roma and Liverpool despite not being favourites on paper have come through with some amazing performances and results.

Let’s see.


Michèl Oliviera



Full: (skip to 2;30)


Geo blocked. The cocks.


This one’s Geoblocked for me (lol) so dunno if it’ll show the whole thing:


Haha yeah I just found out there myself. :slight_smile:

That’s a bit of a soft sending off tbh. He must have accused him of being bought or something.


What a great couple of footballing nights. I actually felt nervous for Woj before that penalty. I was proper feeling it.

There are people on this planet who don’t like football, you know. I feel like we should have a minute’s silence for them all.



I’d like to think he called him a “fish and chips cunt” or something.


Buffon completely lost the plot in the post-match interview. He sounded on drugs :rofl: