The Champions League Thread


Great penalty to be fair

And of course the shirt comes off…


I can’t think of a better penalty tbh lol




fucking hell what apen. smashed it top bins but also placed it? lol fair play


YES! Justice is done and i don’t a fuck if i am the only one supporting Real.


Ronaldo looks like late 90’s lesbian folk singer.


Happy to kill himself if Juve win CL, thinks banning from OA is a step too far


To see the match end like this is sickening .


Like both Spanish giants were ever going to be allowed to go out, come on now. :joy:


I am happy now.


How can you complain? He cleary pushed him FFS!


Fuck what a game though, fair play to Juventus.

Seriously supporting any one but Real now


Your streams behind Juve just scored twice in the last minute



So funny man.


If Harry Kane claims that goal can Juventus go through?


Bet Michael Oliver loved being able to send a legend like Gigi off


He didn’t send Joe Hart off for this though


Gigi :cry: what a sad way to end it.

For me it’s a penalty though. If thats against us I’m screaming for it


I am so, so disappointed with the end to that game.