The Champions League Thread


juve will be very happy to make it to pens i think


Doubt it :wink:


C’mon Real! Just one goal, just one!


Fuck off with that shit Luquita


Robben wasting so much tonight. :expressionless:


bet your stream is running flawlessly being the only one in the world watching that game apart from bayern and sevilla fans lol


Zidane’s final roll of the dice, Modric off


Literally the best stream I’ve ever used. Not one freeze/micropause. :gunnersaurus::giroud3:


I still think Madrid will score.


I do feel bad for Vallejo, hasn’t put a foot wrong tonight really and it’s already been hard enough for him to find chances, if they lose tonight he’ll forever be associated with this game, and the fact that his performance has been quality will be totally ignored.


Real have attacked for the whole second half, yet they are losing 3-0 :rofl:


@Persona I thought my obsession with La Liga was bad but I think you beat me hands down with your love for the Bundesliga haha. I bet even the crowd in the Bayern ground are watching the Real game on their phones :rofl:


not done much wrong to be fair.


I agree but he’ll be OK, has looked very good whenever I’ve seen him, he’s their future.


Buffon had to come off from his grave today.


Wow Varane goes close


Lewandowski off…for Sandro Wagner.


surely will get chances as Varane isn’t that good, Ramos is getting older and Nacho is a bit inexperienced as well.

He’s kept Higuain quiet


Pathetic second half from Juventus. Real are all over them.


Varane looked the man initially but hasn’t really improved in all the time he’s been there.

Fast as fuck though.