The Champions League Thread


Absolute madness at the Bernabeu !!


Bayern crowd’s loudest cheers have been everytime Juve score. :joy:


best cl since 2007 imo.


Without us? :santi:


@Luca_from_Italy why do you and supposedly every none Juve fan hate them so much? Are they the Italian United or Bayern?


looks like it lol.

Tbh Best Europa ever because of us too


They have an history of cheating.


Yes! I’ve really enjoyed it


Yes. Matchfixing cheating fuckers.

I hate them too tbh but hate Real Madrid more.


Match fixing? But weren’t they all at it in Serie A?


Juventus mainly.


Calm down or log off.


Or they were just the ones who got caught most? Most crime isn’t caught


Juventus would just fuck up in the final anyway Luca. Let Madrid get knocked out :grinning:


LOL Lichsteiner is faster than Ronaldo


The only hope is Bayern. I am gonna kill myself if Juventus win the Champions League.


Indeed, indeed. This will be an important and highly necessary lowering of the egos of madridistas to only mildly astronomical levels (I’ll take what I can get).

But I can’t see Juve winning still, tbh. Expecting an ET goal from Ronaldo.


C’mon Madrid!


yeah exactly @Luca_from_Italy

They were by far the biggest involved team, which is why they were the only ones relegated in calciopoli.

Also because they are the ones that win that bent league all the time, so of course they are the biggest cheaters haha


It’ll be exactly like the tie vs Bayern last year