The Champions League Thread


I said this after the first leg, but going into the second leg at home with the score at 0-0 was always going to be dangerous – I don’t know why some people thought otherwise.

While I wasn’t expecting it to be a walk in the park for United, Sevilla have a negative GD in La Liga FFS. The decision to not go at them and practically forbid his players from crossing the halfway line in that first leg was not a “Josè masterclass” but a complete fuck up.




4 minutes added on in Rome.


@A.F You was right about N’zonzi, much better than I thought he was.


At least big Dave did as he was told though…


I don’t give a fuck about sevilla but the way Ben yeder missed that hattrick pissed me off.


Well-done Italy! Vincenzo e Francesco :smile:


Sanchez still knocked out in 1st KO round


Fantastic :joy::joy:

Someone get that prick Ray Wilkins on the TV please



Shit performance by United



What did Wilkins say?

“My word” ?




The embarrassment actually started in the first leg, Sevilla aren’t good and you went to their home and they were the better team there and you failed to score.

This result tonight just caps off what has been a shitty campaign in the CL for United, it’s lovely to see them be so pedestrian.

This is Jose all over, he probably saw the result in the first leg as decent. His approach and tactics are increasingly becoming extinct in today’s game.


Gerrard is loving it hahahahahaha Scholes raging


To think Nzonzi played under Fat Sam at Blackburn (didn’t he? Or was it a namesake?)



Good on them. They were unlucky to be knocked out by European heavyweights Leicester last season, so it’s nice they were given an easier draw this time around