The Champions League Thread



IMO, dybala is a little overrated and inconsistent.



Super tie by the sounds of it, stats say spurs should have progressed but I’m thankful they didn’t.


Lol woke up to 100+ new posts in this thread, didn’t know the results yet but found out while scrolling.

HILARIOUS. Spurs :smiley: Never disappoint.



With the realisation that they are unlikely to win the league anytime soon. And with nights like that… hopefully the Spurs players will finally realise that if they want to win something, they’ll have to move elsewhere.


Yep, you can’t keep giving decent players a taste of the big time and no payoff.

As much as Spurs are doing well, they’re at a risk of becoming 07-11 Arsenal. Playing great some seasons and pretty well in others, going out in the 5th/6th round of the cup, reaching CL R16s and QFs, getting top 4 every year and not paying supreme wages.

We know that you can’t keep players in this situation.Eventually players start running their contracts down and before you know it, I’m in my final year and I want a new challenge.


Spurs do remind me of Arsenal 07-11 that is actually a great comparison…


The only thing spurs can do to keep their best players, is do what we do, and pay them more.

We aren’t even in the CL, and have even less chance of winning the PL than they do, but because we pay high wages, we tend to keep most of our players.

The only players we can’t keep are the real top quality ones who want success and more money.
We can offer money but not success.

If Pochettino goes, they are really going to struggle to replace him, and this is what I want to happen.


Lol! They well-famous in Europe, but not for being an elite club :rofl:


I think either of Divey / Eriksen could go in the near future if they don’t win something in the next year or so, but Kane more likely to stick around


Eriksen out of contract in 2020. That’s a year of “we’ll talk about it in the summer” followed by “we want to talk to Barcelona”.


Even if they manage to win say the FA cup there may well be a sense of “this is as good as it gets, let me leave for a new challenge and/or pay day.”

As good as Poch and Kane are they are on the clock no matter what Spurs achieve, hopefully Poch gets poached within a season or two. Real Madrid would be a great option for both especially as the Ronaldo era is coming to a close.


Pochettino as Argentina manager? Could see him doing well there.


Roma and United to go through today. Roma are gonna find it difficult though, as Shakhtar have shown to be a very good team.


Very boring set of games tonight :sleeping:


Why? Both Roma and Shakhtar can play well at time.


Not interested in the teams at all. Barca vs Chelsea should be good tomorrow though


At least these games have the potential to be interesting though. There’s actually something to play for, unlike in a few of the other matches that were over after the first leg.