The Champions League Thread


Cheared louder for that Dybala goal than any goal we have scored in the past month ffs :joy::joy:


I guess Sanchez.


How can any Arsenal fan want Spurs to win?!



Tottenham with a high line is looking bad.


Dybala is fucking class to be fair, if only him and Messi could fucking play together


It was Davies. Gave him at least a couple of meters more.


Sorry elec, I tried to fix that tweet and now it won’t embed properly at all. :pensive:





Fucking hero. There is the Allegri we all know own and love.

Sorted the back 3 to a back 4. Perfect.


Arsenal fans can’t want spurs to go through wtf


Yeah nor probs I can see it fine though?


2-1 Basel! Useless though.


Reverse psychology :kos2:


Tottenham still deserve to go through, but Juventus are that one team you can almost bank on sometimes to do this in knockout games


They will play together at the world Cup.


Great result this if it holds up for Juve but still not convinced by why I’ve seen from Allegri, would be low on my list of candidates. Let’s see what the better informed @A.F. has to say. :thinking:


I worded it badly. I meant if they could play well together haha. From what I’ve seen of the NT they haven’t really found a forumla that gets the best out of both


Wow! Chiellini with almost an own goal!


Juve sitting back again ffs.
Lit clearance Sando
This will go to ET


We have the same taste in footballers :sunglasses: