The Champions League Thread


Fucking hell! Juventus are fucking shit.


You’d have to say Tottenham have deserved it over the three halves played so far.

‘Mind The Gap’ is coming back at us big time and it’s not inaccurate :smile:


Meh, Allegri has fucked it. Back 3 getting roasted by big Son.

It’s a shame, there seem to be 2 Allegris. The one that bossed Real Madrid with Morata and Barcelona with Mbaye Niang.

And then the one that paid actual money for Alessandro Matri and Nocerino.


Yeah looks like they will go farther in CL than we have in a while.


Yeah, that’s the reason why i am doubtful about him here.


Did that start with us?!I remember Spurs saying it to us when they were above us in the league and then I noticed it a lot after that when we finished above them in the end. Never crossed my mind that it was our thing they misguidedly tried to throw back at us. Makes more sense tbh


@Luca_from_Italy I swear you can’t have had time to read that haha. As soon as it appeared on my screen as posted I had a like from you


My memory of ‘Mind The Gap’ is that it was hee-larious banter thrown their way from our side during those seasons where they basically closed the gap but still contrived to mess it up at the end, eg Lasagna-gate, 1-1 at Newcastle, West Brom etc


Juventus getting ripped apart. It’s gonna finish 2/3-0 for Tottenham.
Juventus just can’t deal with Tottenham’s speed.


Madrid, PSG and Juve gonna be fighting it out for Pochettino’s signature this summer :mustafi:


Chiellini taking no prisoners. He chose the right target too.


I don’t mind Spurs going through if Chiellini gives Kane the van Persie treatment



Tottenham are toying with Juventus :rofl:


@A.F Does your opinion on Allegri change at all after these two legs?


I’ve been very dissapointed with Juventus over the two games. Yet it’s scary how good Spurs have looked at this level. Head and shoulders above us right now .


1-1 Fatty! First shot on target lol!


It’s gonna be that way for a while now.




Benzema is on a terrible form, an embarrassment for his team mates.

Pastore has always been like that, is time for him to go back to Argentina.