The Champions League Thread


Yep, that’s truly pathetic. Even if Wenger is truly finished, he has won 3 trophies in the last 4 years compared with Pochettino’s zero.


They are more fit for the competition than we are that’s for sure. The way they came back from 2 behind away at Juve was pretty fucking good. Juve even went defensive. They would give anyone in Europe a game at the moment.


I still think trophies are what count though. Like, looking back at the 90s for example – you think of Milan, perhaps Ajax etc.

Unless Spurs start winning trophies nobody is going to look back and think of them as one of Europe’s elite.


Easy draw for Spurs in the rd of 16, imagine if we got a crappy group with Real Madrid in it and then also got the gravy of drawing Juventus after we topped that group.


They aren’t the European elite these days though. They are historically big clubs but haven’t been at their best for 10-20 years.


Yeah but what I mean is, they were considered European elite at the time because they won things. Spurs haven’t won anything to put them in that bracket. How can they be considered European elite when they’ve barely even challenged for the European trophies?!


Because if they beat Juve, they’d be in the top 8 clubs in Europe technically.



“Top 8 teams in Europe technically 2017/18”

That’ll look good in their trophy cabinet


Better than “lost 2-1 to Ostersund” or “humped by the animate corpse of AC Milan” tbh

I don’t see why you object so much to the notion of Tottenham being one of the european elite, THIS YEAR, if they make it to the quarter finals.


We don’t need to put stuff like that in our trophy cabinet though – you know, what with us actually having won some real ones


Because times have changed and the European elite these days probably aren’t so much bound to winning European glories but more about being the best teams around. Otherwise the European elite would merely consist of 3-4 teams, as even winners from not even 10 years ago are barely the same they were back then, which of course can be debated but IMO would be a little too narrow for my own liking.

Ultimately though it’s all just opinion and nothing really official.


So if you make the QF, you’re classed as one of the European elite?

Shakhtar Donetsk will be pleased to hear that.

Look, if Spurs continue like this for a few years, win things or at least come close then i’ll say fair play. But it’s still early days – one swallow does not make a summer.



For this year, they will be. Especially after beating last season’s finalists to get there.

Just like Schalke were in 2011 and Monaco last season.


I think we have different definitions of “European elite”


Think we have the same ones when we look at overall performance or recent, let’s say, 5 years performance.

But in the conditions stated multiple times by me, Tottenham would fall under that.


ummmm this just appeared on my tv… explain yourself @Cristo


Can’t wait till the Netflix episode where Juve bottle the CL QF against Tottenham :arteta:


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