The Champions League Thread


We haven’t won our group since 2012. Since 2010 we have come second to teams like Shaktar Donetsk, Schalke and Dortmund.
We have been knocked out by clubs like Monaco.
We once topped our group against Olympiacos, Standard and AZ (mindblowing I know).
We have always had fairly easy CL groups since the switch to the Emirates.

And by the same logic you are using it could be argued we wouldn’t have topped our group against Seville or wouldn’t have beaten Porto 0-5 at do Dragao.


I think we would have won that group, and beaten Porto.


Actually, we won our group last season and were drawn against Bayern


Yes, I forgot we were still in the Champions League two years ago :slight_smile:

@Jules both seem very unlikely to me based on our form this season.
Also if it were true I don’t see how it diminishes the fact Liverpool have done it as well. We had opportunities to do as well as they have under fairly similar circumstances but we didn’t. And also I am fairly certain they would have a better h2h record vs Bayern if they were in our shoes.


They only won their group by a single win :slight_smile:




C’mon Juventus today! FFS!


They won by 3pts i.e a single win


That’s the silliest argument you could have come up with :slight_smile:


Not at all. All I’m arguing is they haven’t done as well as people are saying.


All people are really saying is they’ve done better than us. Which I agree, doesn’t, in itself, say much.


We are all Juve tonight.

C’mon you Bianconeri!! :black_circle::white_circle:


Well. Only one club topped their group by more than 3 points - Besiktas. I guess that makes them outstanding.

The group I mentioned earlier - vs Olympiacos, Standard and AZ - we won that by 3 pts.


Exactly, nothing special.


Well so Liverpool did achieve more than us with the same kind of draws we got in the end.


It’s not what they’ve done, but the inference that they’ve done it “so well”.



I fucking hate the media and their Tottenham love in. How the fuck can they be one of Europe’s elite sides when they never fucking win anything!!!


Trashing your opponent 5-0 on their turf in the first leg of a knock out tie is doing it well imo


By being one of the best. If they can beat Juventus they probably aren’t too far off.


Hope Gigi doesn’t fuck it up like in the first leg.