The Champions League Thread




Small dick manager is a beautiful description of Emery. Bravo.

Mourinho then, would be a small dick manager with a Napoleon Complex.

Will say though, Wenger has suffered from small dick managing at times too over the last years, something which has been truly sad to see from someone who I would generally agree has been a long dicked manager or has a general history of long dicked managing.




What exactly are these cunts going to do if/when they do win a CL? If this is all that matters now what happens if they achieve it?


They sack the CL-winning manager months later - just to remind everyone who’s boss - and start again with someone new.


Deposed of all wealth and power in a revolution? Here’s hoping.


Like Monaco in Feb 2015 :dizzy_face:


Chuffed to see PSG drop out. With that squad, Wenger could get them playing some pretty sexy attacking football. Hope they make Wenger an offer he can’t refuse, coupled with us convincing him it’s time for a new challenge. We might just be able to move on to the next phase of AFC.


Yeah PSG have only managed 86 goals in 28 league games, I’m sure with Wenger at the helm they’d have 100 + by now.


Liverpool in the quarterfinals. Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk…


You and I both know very well that they’ve bought abd paid for the league. PSG don’t even need a manager to win the league tbh.


We should have won our group more often


I was watching last night and couldn’t figure out who was worse - Benzema or Pastore?


Emery to get a big kick up his ass.


Sack him today then as a vacancy has arisen.



Even when we won our group, we mostly got hard fixtures. Whereas they have had a fairly easy path so far.


AC Milan and Monaco were major fuck ups.

Milan were good but not 4-0 at home good.
Monaco first leg was disgraceful.

We had ample opportunities to knock Bayern and Barca out too. Going out like heroic losers a number of times. Other English sides have overcome the odds against those teams and looks like some will now.

Liverpool as they are now wouldn’t have lost all those ties tbh, but most times they didn’t even qualify in reality so they shouldn’t even come into the discussion.


We fucked up loads, no argument there.