The Champions League Thread


Can we do a 10 week manager exchange tomorrow? We’ll have the one that wins the EL every year and they can have one that is French and a man.


Chance for Cavani.
P.S.G. are just hopeless. Wasting all that amount of money and not winning the Champions League :arteta:


From bad to worse for PSG


Verratti off. Overrated prick.
Asensio hits the post.



1-1 Cavani with his knee.



Remove the end of the link from the ?



Benzema is a fucking mug. Pass it lol!
Casemiro! 2-1 and tie over. Bye bye Emery!


Now it most definitely is game over


Just when PSG is recovering bit of dignity they manage to fuck it up again.



Another post for Real.


Philippe Auclair has enjoyed himself :speak_no_evil:


Liverpool and Real are through. Another failure in the Champions League for P.S.G. I guess they need a specialist in failure now :wenger:


I really don’t like Real Madrid (as I’ve made clear many times), but I’m fucking glad PSG got taught a lesson!


PSG haven’t made the last 4 of the CL with all this money yet have they ?
Kudos to Klopp for managing to do something with Liverpool that we haven’t managed since 2010.


God, Emery is seriously pathetic. Sad it last year in the second leg of the Barça tie, and in the first leg even, when I felt PSG were getting seriously over-praised and it was much more a case of Barça’s horridness than PSG’s quality, but I’m not sure I’ve seen such pathetic, spineless managing than in these two ties in the last two years. I feel embarrassed to have championed him as a candidate for Arsenal two years back. Guy should be ashamed of himself, when the fake news came out that he had resigned after the game I thought it was (would’ve been) the only logical and honest move, but now he really fucking should. Truly, I struggle to express how pathetic his managing seems to me other than with the spanish expression da pena, or da vergüenza ajena.

Also: Rabiot, got to be one of the most overrated players about now? I thought he was also the most over-praised in that first leg last season, not sure how this guy got such a good reputation. Not good enough for a genuine top club for me.

Oh, and wtf what deal with the devil did Casemiro make to turn into prime Xabi Alonso for a day and why is the devil being such a dick to my boy Benzema making him play as fucking awful as he did today, or pretty much for the last year.

Unai Emery

Lol Ox must be wondering what’s going on after all these years of thinking the CL ended in March


I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it had Liverpool got the kind of draws that we inevitably got.


Say what you will about Wenger, at least he isnt a small dick manager.

There is a genuine possibility he’d be an improvement over Emery at PSG.

In other news, Benzema continuing to filth up the place and I assume Kovacic continuing to light the place up. Heard PSG’s midfield got dominated so I will assume Mateo was the reason.

Also Lucas Vasquez is a useful player as well. He is what I would like Iwobi to be tbh.